New Adult Films Jan 2023

This is a list of the new Adult Films that will be available at the Empire Cinema Huddersfield – arriving in January 2023

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Sexy hip teens, from all over the world, take their backpacks and wild sex drive to the Horny Hostel. Their mission is to bang random strangers… and they succeed every single time!

Directed by Tim Grenzwert and brought to you by LETSDOEIT productions, 2019

XBIZ AWARD WINNER – Travelling is fun, but fucking total strangers is even better! See for yourself!

The Doll House

Welcome to the doll house. The most delicious selection of fetish girl on girl hardcore action. This perverse house is where the uncontrollable super-hot sluts punish each other’s tight little wet holes with hardcore strap-on dildo pounding and intense pussy pleasure.

These pro hardcore nymphs deliver intense mind-blowing sexual acts beyond your wildest dreams! This is one obscene lesbian fuck fest you will not want to miss!

Cum play with Anastasia and her dolls!

My Babysitter is a whore

Anal Scenes – Standing Up, Legs Pinned, Tight Tiny Ass, Buttfucking, Teen Pussy

Girl Girl Sex

Scene 1: Anna and Serafina’s sizzling chemistry lights up the screen as soon as the cameras roll. They make the bed with amorous glances, both realising the fresh sheets will be perfect to have sex on. Amid open-mouth kisses, Serafina cuddles Anna’s pillowy boobs over her revealing top, and Anna unzips Serafina’s snug trousers and pulls down her panties. Delighted to be naked, Serafina spreads her legs and whimpers as Anna pleasures her with her mouth. “You’re good at that!” she giggles, and Anna replies, “Your pussy is delicious!” When they exchange positions, Serafina is just as delighted by how Anna tastes: “Oh my God, it’s so sweet! It’s like sugar water!”

Scene 2: For Ronnie’s first girl-girl shoot in nearly four years, the abbywinters team found the perfect partner for her to have sex with in Catalina. Both girls have cuddly curves and kinky desires, which they’re excited to explore together. Catalina begins by easing the tension in Ronnie’s shoulders with a sensual massage, and her hands soon move down to squeeze her lush breasts. The girls peel off their tight tops to rub their nipples together while kissing, then tumble into bed so Catalina can sit on Ronnie’s face. “This is a very nice view!” Ronnie sighs. As Catalina moans from the passionate licking, Ronnie’s pussy glistens with arousal.

Private Moments

Scene 1: Roselina: When Roselina slips one finger deep into her pussy. the room fills with deliciously sounds. As she opens her legs, a dimpled smile lights up her face.

Scene 2: Serafina & Bianca: Serafina plunges three fingers deep in her pussy, while Bianca’s fleshy vulva dances as she rubs her clit. Serafina cums first, her face flushing pink as she’s overcome with pleasure, then watches happily as Bianca arches her back and moans.

Scene 3: Dalilah: Dalilah spreads out her perfectly smooth pussy lips, so they resemble pink flower petals, while massaging circles on her anus. Inserting her fingers into her vagina, she thrusts them in and out, and the sticky sounds of her arousal mix with her heaw breathing. as her excitement builds.

Scene 4: Paisley & Roselina: With glowing smiles, they hook their warm thighs together, sneak shy glances to fuel their arousal, and tumble headlong into orgasmic ecstasy at the same time.

Scene 5: Serafina: Serafina slips her hand down her panties and plunges her fingers into her pussy, as sticky sounds of arousal mix with her breathy cries. At long last, she gets completely undressed with her legs wide open, so we can admire her skill at fulfilling her sexual needs.

Scene 6: Adriana & Gizela: Adriana gets aroused b sniffina Gizela’s armpit, and they nestle their faces close. while stroking their hairy pussies. Adriana’s fingers become creamy with girlcum as she locks her eyes between Gizela’s legs

Girls do it better!

Passionate & playful, because a girl knows best! Tune in for 4 brand new scenes in this edition of A GIRL KNOWS, the most erotic girl-only action captured through amazing cinematic, intimate shots.

Directed by Max Cortes and brought to you by LETSDOEIT productions, XBIZ 2018 awai rd winner. Don’t miss out!

All Titties BIG & SMALL

Lesbian Sweethearts Love ‘M All

Teens Fuck Golden Oldies


British Hoodie Collection 1

British Hoodie Sex
British Hoodie Sex 2

Indian Pussy Unleashed

The hottest, most hardcore Indian porn star ever, Sahara knite (Game of Thrones) is back, doing what she does better than anyone. this super-sexy, Asian adult-movie icon, takes dick like most of us take oxygen. Here’s another five amazing scenes featuring Sahara at her nastiest, filthiest, bendiest best!. as she makes full use of all 40 inches of cock in front of her this really ain’t how a good indian girl should behave!

The Corruption Loula Lou

Cheeky blonde Loula came to us in a whirlwind of fun and enthusiasm. But under that was lust, and lots of it. See as she lets out the slut inside!

Adult Channel Collection 2

Marino’s Milf casting

Mums Who Should Know Better


These ladies didn’t come to our studio to suck and fuck just any porn studs. They wanted the thickest, biggest cocks around. They wanted to get their pussies stretched mercilessly. So we gave them what they practically begged for. Five genuine moms, grannies, wives and divorcees from all walks of life-many of them exclusives, some of them having sex on-camera for the first time-get their holes filled to maximum capacity.

Kenzi Foxx takes a big, black cock up her tight ass. This is nasty, raunchy hardcore action brought to you by the worldwide leader in daring MILFs.

Granny Loves Young Cock 4

The six real women in this movie don’t care about societal conventions. All they care about is getting fucked long and hard by big, young cocks.

Juliett wakes up her daughter’s fiance with a blow job.

Amanda takes her daughter’s boyfriend up her tight ass.

Taylor Leigh does motherly duties for her step-son. Payton fucks her son’s best friend. Stylist Renee gives a cut and blow iob and more

Lacy loves her new pool boy.

Hot, raunchy, hardcore mature action from the worldwide leader in MILF porn

Your Mom My Meat

A woman isn’t supposed to fuck her son’s best friend, right? And she’s not supposed to fuck her step-son, right? And her daughter’s boyfriend… he just has to be out of bounds, right? Well, not for the 40something moms and step-moms in this movie. If there’s young, hard cock in the house, they want it, and you’d better believe no young quy can resist their charms.

Six genuine MILFs-including Robbin Banx. Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend do away with the rules of proper behaviour and fuck, fuck, fuck!
This is genuine, age-verified MILF porn from the worldwide leader.

Luxur My Wife’s Fantasies

Paris is undoubtedly the capital of love and pleasure. These young married women have come here to fulfill all their most secret fantasies and fetishes, to the delight of their husbands.