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Empire Cinema Licensed Adult Shop

Our licensed Adult Sex Shop boasts an extensive range of Adult DVDs, accommodating a multitude of tastes, and is regularly updated with new arrivals each month.

Additionally, our shop features an array of Sex Toys suitable for both men and women, encompassing products like Dildos, Vibrators, Fleshlights, and Penis Pumps. We also offer a comprehensive collection of Lubricants and Aromas.

Our inventory is frequently refreshed, ensuring you’ll always find something fresh and exciting on your visits.

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Adult DVDs

FROM £15.00

Explore our extensive collection of adult DVDs, offering various genres to cater to every preference. From the captivating titles featured in our cinema, each film is available in our licensed sex shop.

Whether you’re seeking something new or a specific taste, our vast selection will surely provide the perfect choice for your viewing pleasure.

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FROM £8.00

Fleshlight adult toys offer a luxurious experience for men, crafted to deliver a sensation that closely mimics real-life intimacy, catering to all your desires.

These toys come with ultra-realistic inserts resembling vaginal, oral, or anal forms, featuring intricately designed internal passages that amplify self-pleasure and intensify sensations.

Additionally, numerous Fleshlights are modelled precisely after the intimate areas of globally renowned adult celebrities, allowing you to fulfil your most coveted fantasies.

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Penis Pumps

FROM £14.00

Frequent use of a penis pump can assist in enhancing both the length and thickness of your penis.

Explore our selection of highly acclaimed penis vacuum pumps and embark on a journey towards newfound confidence in intimate settings.

Our range of penis enlargement pumps is diverse, offering various sizes and equipped with numerous features and accessories to guide you in achieving a larger size.

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Butt plugs

FROM £15.00

Ideal for first-time anal sex explorers, our collection includes a variety of small butt plugs designed for beginners. Each plug in our range is delicately sized to provide an easy and comfortable start to anal play.

Our assortment features slender butt plugs, compact mini plugs, and stimulating vibrating options, ensuring a gentle introduction to this form of pleasure. To find out which small butt plug suits you best, refer to our Beginner’s Guide To Anal Sex Toys. Prepare to embark on a journey of new and exciting sensations.

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FROM £5.00

Whether you’re enjoying some alone time or with a partner, introducing a vibrator can make your experience much more thrilling. Perfect for bedtime, bathtime, or any special “me time,” vibrators add a delightful spark to any occasion.

Dive into our collection of the finest vibrators and discover the ideal one for you.

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FROM £6.00

To elevate your intimate moments, introduce lubricant and prepare for new feelings and tantalizing tastes.

Our extensive selection of sex lubricants includes water-based options, silicone lubes, organic varieties, and lubricants specifically designed for anal play.


To explore and purchase our range of sex toy products, we invite you to visit the EMPIRE CINEMA CLUB, where our licensed sex shop is conveniently situated inside. Here’s how you can make your purchases:

  1. Visit the EMPIRE CINEMA CLUB: Our shop is located within the cinema club, providing a discreet and comfortable shopping experience.
  2. Explore Our Collection: Once inside, take your time to browse through our extensive selection of products. Whether you’re looking for toys, DVDs, lubricants, or other items, our diverse range caters to various preferences and needs.
  3. Seek Assistance: Our knowledgeable staff can assist you if you need help or have any questions. They can provide product information and recommendations and answer any queries.
  4. Make Your Selection: After exploring and deciding on your products, proceed to the checkout, where our staff will assist you with your purchase.
  5. Discreet Transactions: We ensure a discreet shopping experience, from browsing to purchasing. Your privacy and comfort are our top priorities.
  6. Regular Updates: Remember, our stock is constantly updated with new and exciting products, so there’s always something new to discover on each visit.